Crab Cakes

Today I came home from work to quite a surprise…

Dan had planned dinner!

And not just some easy-to-make-half-store-bought dinner… He decided to try making crab cakes. He went to market and was inspired by the seafood counter I think. I am much appreciative and I have to say it was down right delicious!

Here he is, working hard:

He started with picked crab claw meat and started to follow a recipe but then added a little of this and that as he went. I do know the secret ingredient was Ritz crackers but I wasn’t totally paying attention after that. The crab cakes went in the refrigerator for a little while so they could set.

I made the tartar sauce using my homemade pickles, a little bit of raw onion, lemon zest, fresh dill and parsley, and mayonnaise. I mixed it right in the mayo jar and it worked out great.

Dan cooked the crab cakes under the broiler and they came out nice and golden brown.

He placed them on top of mustard greens, baby pea shoots and avocado slices. He also mixed up a vinaigrette using the olive oil and mango balsamic vinegar that I got from Global Gardens.

What a great dinner! Thank you Dan!