About Me

My name is Marisa and I love to eat!

I have a lot of hobbies but my number one is cooking. I use locally grown, in-season ingredients when ever I can. I like pretty simple dishes made with fresh ingredients. I usually decide what to cook for the week based on what I see and get at my local farmer’s market. I love to learn about food so I am always reading new recipes and trying out new ideas.

I make a lot of popsicles in the summer and soups in the winter. I don’t really like to measure my ingredients… so baking isn’t one of my specialties but I’m pretty awesome at making pasta dishes. I can’t really go more than a few days with out eating pasta, I blame that on my Italian grandma.

My boyfriend (Dan) is always encouraging and will try anything.. He’s my number one taste-tester when cooking. We love to travel together and explore new places and foods along the way. I am always on the look out for the next great sandwich.

This is our dog Monk. He is always ready to try new things that I cook…


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