Winter Citrus

Check out this orange guide from Kitchen Daily. It shows photos and descriptions of orange varieties and when they are in season. Winter is such a great time for a lot of citrus fruits.

My favorite is the clementine. I can eat clementines morning, noon, and night. Easy to peel, sweet, juicy… they are the perfect snack. I buy them by the crate when they are in season.

I recently tried an orange that I have never eaten before: satsuma. I got a box of satsuma oranges at Wegmans right after new years. These are the oranges that are used in Abita’s Satsuma Harvest Wit beer. An excellent summer beer! I got to have a few when I went to New Orleans this summer. I would recommend trying it with a summery salad.

Satsuma oranges are pretty interesting. They are surprisingly heavy for their size. They are so juicy! The small oranges are easy to peel, great to eat just as they are, but they are nice for juicing because they have so much packed inside. They looked interesting to me in the store because the growers leave a piece of stem and leaves attached to the fruit when they pick it. I would get these again if I could find them at the market or in a grocery store but I haven’t seen them available anywhere else.

Here’s a few photos of awesome oranges:



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