Sandwich Wednesday: Banh Mi

Last Friday, we ordered take out. I really wanted Vietnamese so we ordered from Rice and Noodles.

I always get a vermicelli salad bowl but Dan suggested trying something different this time. We decided to get one of the Banh Mi sandwiches.

The first time I had one of these sandwiches was in NYC in the East Village. I visited Nicky’s Vietnamese sandwich shop because I saw it featured on a Food Network show. That place had bangin’ sandwiches! I tried a classic one with the chicken liver pate and one with a grilled pork chop. I really liked Nick’y version that included cilantro, carrot, and cucumbers on a crispy toasted bun.

Back to our take-out adventure…

We decided on the Banh Mi Pate Thit:

It’s made with their own homemade rolled ham with chicken liver pate. It’s built on a short loaf of French bread. They also make their own mayonnaise. The other additions include Chinese radishes, carrots, sliced onions, a thick slice of English cucumber and a sliver of jalapeno.

I would recommend it! I thought it was really good and I am happy I tried something new.


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